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Cell Phone Mistake #3 Using It Next To Your…

If the first two mistakes didn’t make your jaw drop, this one will.

There are good reasons to think that using your cell phone next to your intestines and stomach — as you’re texting or scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed — might be making your gut leaky while disrupting your entire digestive and immune systems.

Putting a phone next your head has been shown to weaken the very thin “blood-brain barrier” which protects invaders and toxins from getting into your brain,30 so it’s very plausible it can do the same to your delicate gut lining.

These foreign signals are also very disruptive to the delicate beneficial bacteria in your intestines (gut flora), slowing down their growth31 — while possibly making the viruses, superbugs and harmful bacteria that are trying to take over even stronger.32

Let me stop for a second and ask you this:

Do you need to start taking an expensive probiotic supplement to heal your gut, or do you simply need to stop blasting yourself with all this gut-disrupting radiation? Just food for thought.

The good news is that all these gut-disrupting side effects can be avoided — if you follow the simple steps I’ll share on the next page.

It’s Your Obligation To Learn The Simple Ways YOU Can Protect Yourself & Your Family (no tinfoil required)

What if you could learn how to avoid the health-zapping effects of electro-magnetic radiation in just seconds? You’ve already taken the first step and uncovered how not to use your cell phone… the next step is to uncover what to do instead.

Simply click the “Next Page” button below and you’ll discover a simple guide that will teach you how to reduce your radiation exposure by 95%, get EMFs out of your home and workplace, and enjoy better sleep, higher energy, and amazing health which are all natural consequences of a low-EMF lifestyle.

The solutions shared in The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs have been used by top doctors and health advocates from all around the world to help their patients heal faster, make “unexplainable” symptoms vanish and enjoy vibrant health. It’s based on the latest independent science, and backed by 500+ peer-reviewed research papers.

And since EMF exposure can affect every single cell in your body, this is also one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make everything you’re currently doing to get healthy, lose weight and feel amazing even more effective — without spending even more money on expensive supplements, organic foods, complicated diets or demanding exercise programs.



Scary, I know.

But there are several easy ways to continue using your phone without increasing your cancer risks and feeling foggy, depressed or fatigued… Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head>>>CONTINUE TO READ THIS FULL EMF ARTICLE<<< Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadGET THE FULL SCOOP With this EMF GUIDE… “The Non-Tin Foil Guide To EMF’s” Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadCell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadGET EMF PROTECTION NOW… Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadCell Phone Mistake #2 Keeping it in your front pocket back pocket or bra

<<< Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head <<<

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