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Cell Phone Mistake #2 Keeping It In Your Front…

 Unless it’s on “Airplane Mode” or completely powered off, your phone is constantly emitting radiation as it tries to connect to a 4G/LTE cellular network, to a wifi network, or to a Bluetooth device.

So essentially, what you’re doing when you keep your phone in your pocket all day is that you’re slowly but surely “frying” your reproductive organs.

Science has confirmed how devastating this can be to men’s fertility.

Since 2009, a total of six meta-analyses looking at a total of 201 studies have each concluded that cell phone radiation is linked with a dramatic reduction in sperm count, motility and morphology.26

What if you don’t plan on having children anytime soon?

Well, maybe you’ll want to hear how this same radiation can possibly dramatically reduce your testosterone production, 27 and quite possibly affect your libido as well.

What if you’re a woman?

While the studies on women’s fertility and EMF radiation are limited, there are signs that they might damage the uterus,

28 and it would be crazy to think this doesn’t disrupt your hormones —no matter your age.

There are also so many horrors stories to count about women who

developed breast cancer right where they used to carry their cell phones

29 — so better err on the side of caution, right?

You’ll learn exactly how to safely carry your cell phone and avoid its

hormone-disrupting effects in the next article

The Solutions…

Scary, I know.

But there are several easy ways to continue using your phone without increasing your cancer risks and feeling foggy, depressed or fatigued… Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head>>>CONTINUE TO READ THIS FULL EMF ARTICLE<<<

Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadGET THE FULL SCOOP

With this EMF GUIDE…

“The Non-Tin Foil Guide To EMF’s” Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadCell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head

Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadGET EMF PROTECTION NOW…

Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your HeadCell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head

<<< Cell Phone Mistake #1 Using It Next To Your Head <<<

AEGEA Quantum Resonance Technology

Block Harmful Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Field Radiation

Your phones & electronic devices emit electro-magnetic radiation that can cause potential health risks from headaches to high-risk pregnancy.

The Danger is More Real than Ever

News outlets such as CNN, Larry King, MSN, and Time magazine have all produced stories about the harmful effects that cell phones may be causing. With 5G networks right around the corner, experts are even more concerned about future health effects and the disturbing trend it seems to be following. Luckily, there is now an easy solution to help protect you and your family.

How often do you use your cell phone?

Probably all of the time if you’re like most other people in today’s society. Our cell phones are our life, let’s face it, we can’t really get away from them too easily, we’re simply too wired now. But too much exposure to your cell phone, without the proper protection, can be harmful to your health. Cell phones can emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that can be harmful to your health. So overexposure to your cell phone just means that more of this smog is surrounding your phone, and if your phone is always on you or near you, then you are being exposed as well. So where do you go to help neutralize these…

Are you protecting yourself?

Now, you’ve found the answer. Aegea is proud to introduce the EMF Shield, a patented product that helps to neutralize the harmful effects known as Electromagnetic Field radiation.

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