real life

“If you could eliminate
certain outside
that interfered
with our bodies,
we would have
greater resistance
toward disease”

“Everything is energy,” stated Einstein. Everything on this planet from humans, animals, plants to water and so much more are made up of energetic atoms which produce, emit, and receive energy while operating at specific frequencies. And our body’s cells, organs, thought patterns and actions all have their own unique electro-magnetic fields. Unfortunately, so do things that negatively affect them all as well as our health.

ENERGENTICS has mastered energy, frequencies, vibrations, wavelengths, AI and number signaling via Bio-Field Resonance Technology (BRT), a wearable health & wellness technology platform capable of creating and programming advanced products that can keep your body’s life frequencies at an optimal level.


AEGEA is the first and only social retailer to offer a forward-thinking holistic approach to life’s journey. It’s about more than just products; it’s about meaningful life moments, relationships and experiences. AEGEA is an ecosystem filled with vibrant people as well as cutting-edge products, and an experienced corporate team with the ability to make dreams a reality. AEGEA provides income opportunities for our sales force of independent representatives and everyday entrepreneurs while bringing benefits to customers worldwide.


At AEGEA, “health & wellness” is taken to a whole new level. Our mission is to transform and elevate the human spirit and our products were designed with that in mind. Whether you’re considering yourself or others, AEGEA is committed to improving lives, offering a place for you to shop and work, a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the towns and cities worldwide.

We are grateful to be able to share our products and philosophy with the world. AEGEA’s breadth of products reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation from around the globe. Our portfolio is purposefully diverse with lifestyle essentials which are distributed through our social retail model, providing a variety of potential sources for earning income. Through our team of representatives, AEGEA is committed to bringing our customers new and unique products which will improve their lives.

Aegea’s Corporate Management Team

These are some of the key people who give this business energy! Their philosophy behind it all & the impoartance of customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with.

It’s a human thing. Right?

jeff cohen

Jeff Cohen

Founder & CEO



Eric Swaim

Vice President


Bob Fordham

AEGEA Associate/ Wellness Warrior & Entreprenuer

The Creator of this Website!

Owner/Manager of Naturally Healthy Wellness, Master Practitioner of NLP/ Hypnotherapist, Nutrititional Specialist and Intuitive Energy Healer.

60+ Years practice in “The School of Life”. Always aimimg to help as many people to get what they want, so I can get what I desire out of Life Ecologically & Congruently with My Soul & Life Goals!…and the main person you will be doing business with 🙂

2 Eye. 2 Ears. 1 Mouth. No Bullshit!


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